The day I got eaten by Zombies

WHAT A KICK!  Last week,  my family and I recently were paid extras on the hit TV show Z Nation.  My sons, Seth and Logan, got to be Zombies – it was a dream come true for them.  My wife and I were sports fans.  I can tell you:  my perception of acting, and being an extra, was completely wrong.  You see these stars on the red carpet, and think that life is just so easy for them.  I assumed, quite wrongly, that we would show up, stand around for a couple of hours, quickly shoot a couple of scenes, and call it good.  BOY, WAS I WRONG.

Our casting call was 5:15 in the morning.  After a GRUELING (no pun intended) day, we finally left after 10 PM – one of the hardest days I’ve put in in decades.  Get this:  a 30 second scene probably takes about 2 HOURS to shoot.  A 30 SECOND SCENE!  We were tired, we were hungry, we were thirsty – we were DONE.

But in amongst it all was one of the stars, Anastasia Baranova (‘Addy’ in the show).  She worked as hard, if not harder, than anyone there, but through the whole thing she’s singing, making jokes, going out of her way to be kind to fans.  The entire crew was great, but standing out in front of it all was Anny, keeping everyone in a great mood, despite how exhausted she must have been after so many of these grueling weeks.

AND THAT, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IS LEADERSHIP.  As a leader, we set the tone for everything around us!  We no longer have the luxury of being in a bad mood, or tired, or treating those around us poorly, no matter the circumstances.  We are leading, every minute of every day – the questions is:  are we leading for the good, or for the bad?  People are always watching us – we’re out front.  They will follow our lead, good or bad.

Remember that as you’re going through your day.  As you’re around your children.  Your coworkers.  Your friends.  You ARE changing the world, just by existing in it.  You ARE changing the attitudes and beliefs of those around you.

Today, make it a conscious effort to lead for the good.

And the world will, indeed, be a better place; just because you were in it!


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