Do Your Best, and Forgive Yourself for the Rest.

Do Your Best, and Forgive Yourself for the rest. - Terry L. Fossum
Do Your Best, and Forgive Yourself for the rest. – Terry L. Fossum

‘Do Your Best, and Forgive Yourself for the rest.’  I’ve taught that mantra for decades now.  It seems simple, and straight forward, but it’s truly a double-edged sword that many people don’t completely understand.  It seems that people read into it what they want to!

There are two groups of people who read this, and both see it, and act on it, differently.

First of all, there’s the group of overachievers.  They focus in on the ‘Do your best’ part, and work their butts off, and are never completely satisfied with the job they’ve done.  They are their own worst critics!  When the job is done, instead of looking at the good they’ve done, they see the parts that were undone, or not done well enough.

Then, there’s the other group, those who focus on the ‘forgive yourself for the rest’ part.  They’re quick to call it ‘good enough’.  When the obstacles crop up or the failures occur, they decide ‘it wasn’t suppose to be’, or ‘that’s the best I can do.’  Often they’ll add in:  ‘if it’s not good enough for other people, then they can change it, because I think it’s fine just how it is.’

Which group do you fall more into?

What if we could do both?  What if we could really, truly work our butts off on our goals, even when the going gets tough?  What if we were to be able to push through the obstacles, maneuver around them, and continue on and on and on?

And then, when we’ve finally reached the top of that mountain, whatever that mountain may be for us, we know that we’ve given it all, we have no more left to give, that we truly have done our best.  Then, we can smile and know, ‘it’s not perfect, but it is GOOD.  And it is GOOD, because it has a piece of my heart and soul in it.  It is GOOD because I know that it is the best that I, personally, have to give.

And my best is good enough for me.

Then, there’s nothing to forgive.  We can feel GREAT about what we have accomplished, knowing we have truly given it our all.

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